tinerant Resources will partner with a gold exploration/production company. The real interest in the Montezuma licence lies not in what has been done but what has not been done. It seems that systematic exploration has hardly begun with over 1,000 ha unexplored. Itinerant Resources _ Gold and Mineral Explorer focused on Zimbabwe

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Scout Aerial Africa completes a Geophysical Survey

Scout Aerial Africa completes a Geophysical Survey 

Scout Aerial Africa completes a Geophysical Survey over 973 ha at Montezuma. Using state of the art remotely piloted aircraft systems and precision GPS stations, georeferenced imagery was captured, classified and processed to allow detailed and cost – effective monitoring and planning as well as providing a surface model of the site. The topographic survey has a high resolution of 2.6cm per pixel. Scout Aerial produced a 12.5 minute video from a predefined flight path at high elevation. 

Murphy Geological Services and our retained geologist were involved in planning and interpretating survey findings. The interpretation was generally undertaken at between 1:100 and 1:250 scale due to the very high resolution of the orthomosaic. DSM and DTM were used to help identify transverse faults and more resistant banded iron formations. 

The study significantly enhanced past satellite interpretations of veins, major shears, minor faults/shears, fold axial traces and banded iron formations. Exploration targets totalling 28 sites over 730,000 sq. m were identified. Under Phase 1, the study allowed 15 shallow drill targets on 3 vein systems to be confirmed.